Yearly Archive 2017


Dublin Bus Community Spirit Awards.

We are proud winners of Dublin Bus Community Spirit Award funding.


The National Drugs Strategy 2017

The National Drugs Strategy 2017- 2025 was published recently by the Department of Health.

It is a health-led document outlining the response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland.

Reducing Harm Supporting Recovery 2017-2025



European Neighbour’s Day 19th May 2017.

The European Neighbours Day  held on Friday 19th May. To mark the occasion TheLOFT
staff in conjunction with local businesses, services and groups  came together for a
community event.

The event took place outside the Cabra Road Shops from 12 – 2pm.

This year the theme is Cabra Out & About.

With all the  music, refreshments, and community stands giving information on what’s happening in the area and how to get involved in local activities and clubs.


CBT and Mindfulness programme 2017

The  objective of this group experience was to introduce the practice and use of Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness into the participants daily life. Here are some of  the Outcome that was achieved by our group members;

’ I have started to realise to take one day at a time, to try to stay in the moment, not over think. I am working through things better’’. Anna, 36


‘’I am learning to breathe and take my time…I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m not alone.  I’m not being so hard on myself and I’m going to be OK’’. Mary, 42


‘’When dealing with situations that makes me uncomfortable, I can step back and ask myself why and try to work out how to handle things better’’. Joan, 33


‘’I am able to bring myself back to a more peaceful place’’. Jennifer, 29


‘’I can see changes in my reaction to situations/challenges. My thinking is much clearer and I’m less likely to jump straight in with my reaction to things.   I feel more challenged in the way I think and behave. I have a better understanding of the family situation I face (addiction) and am more equipped to understand and deal with it’’. Sheila 55, Mother of four.

‘’It has helped me to get a greater understanding of how I think and behave in situations. Loved every minute of it’’. Leanne,37



Aftercare group retreat to Jamba Ling.

Jampa Ling is a meditation and retreat centre situated on a beautiful nineteenth century estate in County Cavan, Ireland. Jampa Ling was established in 1990, The Centre is located on thirteen acres of land which include a mature birch forest and views of the spectacular Cuilcagh Mountains.


Zero To Hero Canoeing

April 2015 Lucan River liffey

April 2015 Lucan River liffey

As part of an Initiative with Canoe Ireland and sponsors Coca Cola Thank you Fund. Our Youth Intervention worker has been invited to take part on a weekly training piece with a group selected for training in Kayaking .

This has started and is running sine February 2015

A great piece of inter agency work being delivered with local projects involved in Cabra.

Cabra for Youth, Youth Reach Cabra and The Loft.

Strawberry Beds Lucan

Strawberry Beds Lucan

Each participant will be trained from zero skill base to level one instructor over a period of nine months.

Finishing with an Irish sea challenge from Scotland to Belfast for all participants who complete the training.

Click the link below for further details

Instructor Training Initiative