“My highlights throughout these last 10 weeks have been listening to others and starting to cope better in my life while meeting and being with amazing people. Having Marian, a trained facilitator and Psychotherapist teach and nurture us all so well- I am so grateful & really enjoyed it so much” Peer Support Group- Self Care


“Every Wednesday going to the group has been a highlight. I’ve learned so much about myself and from the group, I am so thankful to have been part of it” Peer Support Group- Self Care


” I would love to teach my son this!” Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction


“Thank you for giving people the opportunity to avail of such a priceless & helpful way of living everyday life!”  Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction


“I have started to realise to take one day at a time, to try to stay in the moment, not over think. I am working through things better.”  CBT and Mindfulness programme


“I am learning to breathe and take my time. I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m not alone. I’m not being so hard on myself and I’m going to be OK.” CBT and Mindfulness programme


“When dealing with situations that makes me uncomfortable, I can step back and ask myself why and try to work out how to handle things better.”  CBT and Mindfulness programme

“I am able to bring myself back to a more peaceful place.”  CBT and Mindfulness programme

“I can see changes in my reaction to situations/challenges. My thinking is much clearer and I’m less likely to jump straight in with my reaction to things. I feel more challenged in the way I think and behave. I have a better understanding of the family situation I face (addiction) and I am more equipped to understand and deal with it.”   CBT and Mindfulness programme


“It has helped me to get a greater understanding of how I think and behave in situations. Loved every minute of it.”  CBT and Mindfulness programme