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CRA-FT New Programme Starting February

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)

It is an evidence based programme and provides families with a hopeful, positive and effective approach to address substance mis-use. You will learn how to identify practical ways to help your loved one to address their resistance to change and support their loved one to seek help, while also improving the quality of your own life.

When a loved one is abusing substances and refusing to get help, CRAFT is designed to help families learn practical and effective ways to accomplish these three goals:

  1. Move their loved one toward treatment,
  2. Reduce their loved one’s alcohol and drug use, and
  3. Simultaneously improve their own lives.

Often when addiction is present within the family, communication breaks down and relationships can suffer. Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is a skills based programme that teaches family members how to relate more effectively with their loved one while avoiding confrontation or detachment.  It also helps family members meet their loved one where they are at in their drug use, rather than the place they want them to be.

You will learn to;

  • Employ effective positive communication skills.
  • Identify and use positive rewards.
  • Develop a road map for understanding your loved one’s substance use and pattern.
  • Recognising substance use.
  • Take domestic violence precautions.
  • Allow for the “natural consequences” of use.
  • Practice self-care without detachment.
  • Support a loved one to seek help.

Reasons for Working with Family Members

  • People mis-using substances often report that family pressure prompted them to seek help.
  • Family Members can influence a loved one’s behaviour due to regular contact.
  • Family Members need support (financial problems, stress and marital conflict etc.).

This programme will start early February 2019, Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm-8.30pm for 10 weeks. It will take place at the Loft, 67 Dowth Avenue, Cabra, Dublin 7.  Date to be confirmed.

If you are interested in participating in this programme, or would like more information contact Marian directly on M: 085 194 4022 or you can call/Whatsapp the Loft  M:0857672169.


Group Support

We are delighted to announce the completion of a very successful 10 week Peer Support group. The group were supported in assessing their own self care habits and encouraged to focus on one aspect to improve on. Participants set goals, reviewed their progress, explored obstacles and made necessary changes to assist them in achieving their goals. To support their progress, the group attended a Buddhist Retreat Centre for a day and a half; Participants also attended a mindfulness practice session with a highly qualified mindfulness teacher. In addition the group took time out for a social outing with lunch in the sun.

If you would like the opportunity to take part in an upcoming group or current group; please feel free to contact us for further information.


“I know it’s up to me alone to provide the self care I need- E.g  take time to meditate on a daily basis, take care of my physical health and to JUST have fun for me”


“I learned the 10 weeks programme was about me and to use the tools I’ve learned to help me cope in difficult issues in my life. I’ve learned ways of coping with my anxiety and not to be afraid to ask for help”


“In the last 10 weeks of learning and listening to others and starting to cope better in my life. Meeting and being around amazing women. Having  a trained facilitator and psychotherapist teach and nurture us all so well in the past 10 weeks. I really enjoyed it so much”


“It is not selfish for ME time. I thank the group for so much- I think a lot more and not just react, I understand my feelings and anxiety much more now”


“Every Wednesday going to the group has been a highlight I’ve learned so much from the group- I’m so thankful to be a part of it. I’ve met great people”


“I am more aware when I am not feeling ok or just a little off, I can then step back and asses my feelings. Meeting the group as a whole as well as the Facilitator- I have been giving a very rear and broad insight into how we are all so different but yet can connect on some kind of special level”


“With so many highlights- so hard to choose, the trip to the Buddhist Retreat was definitely a highlight for me also an asset”

“I take more time to myself now. I am much calmer when it comes to dispute in my family- I don’t get so emotional”




Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme.

The Loft is delighted to offer the first Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme to the members of the Cabra Community and catchment area. This programme started Tuesday morning, 4th September and will run for 8 weeks. The programme is well attended by both new and existing service users and after only two weeks in, participants are feeling the benefits.

Due to the high interest in the programme The Loft is hoping to follow on with another programme in the near future. Contact us for more information or to register your interest in upcoming programmes: tel/text: 085 767 2169 or email:



Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 Week Programme

Do you…feel you can’t cope? Lose your temper?

Does…your heart race, your face sweat, your stomach churn?

These are just some of the ways stress and anxiety can make us feel.

Would you like to cope and feel better to help manage the daily challenges of life?  Mindfulness teaches us how. Mindfulness is about managing our breath, learning how to be still by meditating, learning how to tune into our bodies by noticing and through awareness.

When: Tuesday mornings

Where: Ground Floor Space, The Loft.

Duration: each class is two hours with a short tea break

Cost: Free. Your investment to the programme is two hours per week for 8 weeks with some home practice.

How:Contact us for more information or to register your interest in upcoming programmes:

tel/text: 085 767 2169 or email:

The Loft is a Community Based Project and is delighted to offer this service to the members of the Cabra Community and catchment area.


Aftercare Group – Howth Hill Walk

Hi Guys, Great activity with the aftercare group on the 12th July. Long walk and well worth it. Great lunch (nearly dinner) as we took a while to get to our destination! Brilliant achievement both physically and emotionally………


Welcome to The Loft

The LOFT (Local Outreach Family Therapies) is a community based project responding to young people and families in Cabra affected by alcohol and substance misuse. We endeavour to support the community in understanding and addressing the consequences of substance misuse. Our approach is therapeutic, inclusive and client centred, always with a view to empowering both the individual and the community.


Family Intervention

There is a great power in people coming together in a community to support and understand each other. At the LOFT we have witnessed this time and time again as spouses, partners, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters have come together with the common purpose of talking about the impact of Addiction within the family, and finding new ways to live and cope through the support of others living in similar situations.


Youth Intervention

At the LOFT we provide a rapid secondary prevention intervention aimed at youngpeople who have been identified by themselves or local services to be engaged in the early stages of substance misuse and associated behaviour. The LOFT youth intervention service provides support to young people 16+ for whom regular drug and/or alcohol use is having a negative impact on their day to day life. Young people can be self-referred, or their parents can make an appointment. The LOFT also accepts referrals from professionals such as teachers, youth workers, G.Ps etc.



The LOFT Aftercare Service historically known as “Phoenix Aftercare” is a community based initiative developed to meet the needs of individuals in recovery. We provide quality, therapeutic support to people in the local community who are engaged in the challenges of recovery. Aftercare in the recovery process is usually found as a follow on from residential treatment facility.



One to One support and counselling from experienced and professional staff, who understand the issues facing families and individuals concerning substance misuse.You are provided with a space where you can come and talk with the assurance of respect and confidentiality extended to you. One to One support and counselling from experienced and professional staff, who understand the issues facing families and individuals concerning substance misuse.