Recovery Month at The LOFT Cabra

Recovery Month at the LOFT Cabra September 2021

Recovery is for Everyone

Recovery literally translates into ‘the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost.’ This allows us to place importance on the action or the pursuit of recovering or regaining something which over time has become lost*. This can refer to a loss of and later search for a state of mind, a sense of well-being, a former lifestyle, or a number of other sought after once had possessions.

Sometimes recovery can refer to the search for something which remains unknown until it is found. This can be a little daunting and frustrating but it can also be exciting and enjoyable and empowering. Recovery can take the form of discovery and re-discovery (of self). It can be explorative and restorative;

  • explorative in the wonderment of new ways of being and living
  • restorative as in returning to former healthy and enjoyable ways one used to be before life happened and when these ways became lost.

If and when a person begins their recovery journey, his or her progress is often supported and made more positive when those around them such as family, friends, community and peers, make a collective effort to support the person. In turn the recovering person re-enters their community and often becomes an asset and supportive figure in the family and community which had supported them. In this collective and holistic support system, it becomes clear that recovery is for everyone and everyone can be for recovery. 

For the month of September and the remaining 11 months of the year too, The Loft is dedicated to supporting you (individuals, family members and groups) with your process of recovery in all its forms. Please join us as we celebrate recovery because recovery really is for everyone.  

Recovery Month Poster The LOFT Cabra 2021
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